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Regular K-6

All students receive curricular instruction according to Alberta Education’s Program of Studies. Sweet Grass students are assessed according to Alberta Education’s learning outcomes in the following subject areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Health, Music and Physical Education. Grade  Four to Six students also receive 150 minutes of instruction in Spanish as a Second Language (SSL).

In the course of covering prescribed curriculum, our regular program is enriched in many ways. Among these are literacy and numeracy strategies, the seven grandfather teachings, and arts residencies.

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At Sweet Grass we believe that a strong kindergarten program is important to establish a lifelong love of learning. Our kindergarten provides a friendly, caring, supportive atmosphere where theme based programming and field trips offer students engaging opportunities to learn and grow. Children benefit from an early reading program supported by Balanced Literacy Strategies to ensure that our students experience personal satisfaction and success by becoming confident learners as they begin to acquire reading skills.

Balanced Literacy

Based on sound research about the most effective ways to help children in the early stages of acquiring literacy, Balanced Literacy ensures developmentally appropriate expectations are paired with instructional techniques with proven results. The approach relies on skilled instructors who "assess-on-the-go" so that children are provided with carefully selected "leveled" reading materials that reinforce and support student growth and confidence. The backbone of Sweet Grass's Language Arts programming for all students. Balanced Literacy techniques such as shared reading and writing, guided and independent reading are also employed across the curriculum.

Reading Intervention

Believing that no child should be left behind, at Sweet Grass we make use of an excellent early reading intervention program with one-on-one support for children that need additional help by specially trained teaching staff.


Music education is an exciting part of a student’s day at Sweet Grass. Students are given 90 minutes per week of instruction from Grade one to Grade six, and 45 minutes per week in Kindergarten. At Sweet Grass, we are very fortunate to have a well-equipped music room which includes: soprano and alto recorders, djembe drums, xylophones and metallophones,  as well as a variety of pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. In addition to classroom music time, there is an Orff Club, Choir, and Handbell Club. Sweet Grass students perform at school assemblies, the Christmas Concert, and other school events throughout the year! 

Spanish - Second Language Instruction

Sweet Grass students are provided with Spanish as a second language at the grades 4, 5 and 6 levels. Students receive 150 minutes a week of Spanish instruction. Students learn basic vocabulary through oral activities, games, and songs. The use of technology is often integrated in to Spanish language learning.

Character Education

At Sweet Grass School we have an exemplary group of students, in part because of our character education program. Our students have clear expectations as to behavior, and they respond to those expectations in a way that fuels the Sweet Grass Spirit. They learn to be:

  • enthusiastic and positive
  • productive citizens who can apply these character traits beyond the classroom

Positive behaviours are celebrated through awards. Daily announcements, monthly assemblies and newsletters as well as through more informal means of encouragement. This fosters a positive atmosphere where all of our students can flourish and grow.