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Sweet Grass School


Our school logo is the result of input gathered from parents, staff and students regarding what Sweet Grass School symbolizes.

The logo represents the energy and spirit of Sweet Grass School.  The dynamic figures symbolize the collaborative team of students, staff and parents and loosely reference the origins of the school’s name.  A sacred herb, sweet grass is believed to evoke positive energies and was used in Aboriginal ceremonies as part of a cleansing and purification process.  It is also believed that when sweet grass is burned, a sacred place is created for the spirits to listen and provide energies of love.

The logo pays homage to this background.  The beliefs surrounding the sweet grass plant are in alignment with the school vision.

Vision: Sweet Grass Elementary School is an outstanding learning environment where positive energies from students, staff and parents produce a caring, supportive environment where all students can succeed and thrive.

Mission: At Sweet Grass, quality teaching promotes engaged thinkers with an ethical spirit. Students learn to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers and lifelong learners is all aspect of their learning environment. We believe in the spirit and energy of all our students and that their potential to learn comes from a collaborative team approach between school, students and parents.