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Clubs & Activities

Extracurricular Activities

At Sweet Grass School we believe that learning doesn't stop at the classroom door. We encourage our students to get involved in a variety of extracurricular activities that promote the development of skills beyond the classroom.

Choir/Orff/Handbell and Chimes Club

Students in grade 1-6 have the opportunity to join various music clubs throughout the year. These groups have the opportunity to share their passion and talent for music at assemblies, concerts and performances around the district. They meet regularly during lunch and recess breaks.

Home Reading Program

At Sweet Grass School, we believe strong readers become successful learners. While we focus on reading and reading culture in school, it is important the students continue to read at home as well. To help students develop their reading skills, we operate a home reading program where students are asked to read for a certain amount of time each night depending on their grade level. We recognize the accomplishments of the Home Reading Program at our school assemblies held throughout the year. And most importantly, our students develop a lifelong love of reading.

Student Leadership

Division 2 students have a variety of leadership opportunities a Sweet Grass including organizing school wide events, becoming buddy helpers, leading activities with younger peers, etc...

Field Trips and Visitors to our School











Curriculum enrichment is provided throughout the year in the form of field trips and visitors to our school. Field trips are arranged by individual classroom teachers and are communicated to parents throughout the year. The Parent Council supports these valuable experiences by providing funds to ensure that all students are able to take part in these beneficial learning activities.

There are also many Theme days held throughout the year that give students the opportunity to have fun in a productive learning environment.